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Life’s full of big money decisions. College is just the first.
Been There. Done That.
“One thing I wish our family had done better before my boys went off to college was for them to have a conversation with our financial expert, just to have someone other than Mom or Dad explain how taking out a loan works, the importance of scholarships and grants, or the value of a part-time job during the school year. It’s important to keep students in the loop of how things are paid for while they are in school.”  Kris W. 
"I kept on top of my finances in college by getting an on-campus job right away. I didn’t know that there were so many opportunities on almost every campus to find work. The money I earned from my on-campus job was able to give me a financial cushion. This gave me the flexibility for money on the weekends or going out to eat."  Kyle F.
“When I first started college, I would go out to eat with new people or would get coffee with them. I spent a lot of money just trying to socialize and make new friends. Looking back, I should have tried to think of free things that we could have done, like going for a walk, or cooking our own food.”  Victoria M. 
"Now that I have graduated from college and have begun making student loan payments, I realize I had very little prior knowledge about interest rates and the benefit of making monthly interest payments during my four years in school. I wish I would have visited a financial advisor at the University’s Financial Aid Office even just once a year to touch base on the current status of my loans, learn about various financing options, and gain advice for repayment plans upon graduation.” Gracia J.

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